Surviving a sleepover party

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Sleepover party ideas


If you’re like me when your child asks for their birthday party to be a sleepover party your blood runs cold and you have nightmare visions of being kept awake all night by screaming or giggling or fighting or crying or any combination of the latter.

Now I don’t want to put a hoo doo on my luck with sleepover parties but so far I’ve hosted two pretty successful ones that have by no means lived up to the horror I was expecting.

I thought maybe I could share some of the ideas that have helped save my sanity and kept everyone happy.

Have a bolt hole room

Even if it means the siblings have to go stay with a friend or relative, clear out a spare room. This room can be used either to isolate the trouble makers i.e. the kids who just can’t stop talking when all the others want to go to sleep or for the kids who really want to go to sleep and all the rest don’t . Even the threat of splitting up the gang can help keep things under control.

Collect contact detail and important information before parents leave

Have a piece of paper and pen by the door so you can jot down contact no’s of any parents you don’t know too well as well as any health conditions or allergies that you have to be aware of.

Have food and drink on tap

Make the food grazing rather than a sit down affair. For our Popcorn and PJs party we set up a concession stand just like at the movies. Kids were allocated tickets so they didn’t OD on sugar or fight about who had the most candy bars and they swapped them for food. They loved being able to browse and decide what they were swapping their tickets for items anytime through the movie.

This is an image of a Concession stand.

Concession stand

Too much of a good thing

Keep drop off and pick up times realistic. Don’t make it too hard for yourself – a sleepover can seem like a long party so don’t start too early in the day and have the kids picked up by around 10am the next day so you can get your house back.

Low parental involvement activities

Sleepovers are much more free range affairs than your normal birthday party. You do have to plan some boredom busters though just in case. Some suggestions are having a dance/disco room – this has the advantage of helping wear out the kids so they’ll sleep. Set up a photo booth with some props from the dress up box or print some from our Etsy shop. Movies are always a winner. Karaoke or Sing Star will keep them happy for hours. To avoid your house looking like a bomb site when everyone’s left and to keep focus on the activites you’ve planned try putting other toys away in an off limits room.

Best of luck!

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