Gingerbread House Workshop 2014

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Once again we had a great pre-Christmas gingerbread house making workshop. Each year the kids amaze me with their ideas and the increased complexity of their creations. This year we tried decorating our roofs before adding them to the houses. The roofs have always been a trouble spot. Usually someone has a house collapse at when the roof is added. We found this order of things worked better.

  1. Put the sides of the house together first. This allow the maximum amount of time to dry and make a stable base for the roof
  2. Construct decorations such as the gingerbread men, snow men, various fondant and candy flowers
  3. Decorate the roofs
  4. Roofs go on last

All of these houses were made with this template. Free to download here.gingerbreadTemplate

Happy Holidays from PPI!