Gluten free party menu

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When I offered to cater and style my sister-in-law’s baby shower I knew the menu would be a challenge. Not only was there special considerations because of pregnancy but she also has a medical condition that is helped by eating a gluten free diet. So where to begin?

I always start with the sweet things – I can’t help it – maybe my priorities are wrong but a party isn’t a party without yummy sweet treats. So there was a couple of obvious ones… Macaroons! of course! But what about the cake? So I looked at a tone of recipes and settled on one from the Little and Friday cookbook. This is a fantastic cookbook and has quite a few gluten free recipes from the cafe and I’ve found them really reliable and very yummy. The orange, almond and rose water cake was the one I choose. I made two to get a nice high cake once iced.

My other brainwave was mallow-pops. I hear-by coin this name if no one else has before me! My variation on a cakepop, the marshmallows are stuck on cake pop sticks and dipped in colored candy melt then in sprinkles or colored sugar. Each one was placed in a cellophane bag then tied with a ribbon and a Printable Party Ideas Twisting by the Pool 1.5inch circle tag. These looked great on the table but also doubled as a party favour.

I also asked our Facebook fans for some ideas and got some great suggestions from them.

For the savoury table snacks we went for vegetable crudités, choosing colors that complemented our pool party theme, greens and yellows. For dips I made green goddess and guacamole, healthy choices for moms-to-be. Gluten free corn chips were served on the side.

Gluten Free Menu

  • Yellow and Green Peppers, Corgette and Cucumber crudités
  • Green goddess and Guacamole dips
  • Gluten free corn chips
  • Pineapple and grape fruit kebabs
  • Macaroons
  • Mallowpops
  • Macaroon Mess
  • Orange, Almond and Rosewater cake with cream cheese frosting