Happy Birthday to us!

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20% off printables this week!

This is an image of the PPI cupcake.

A year ago we pushed the “GO” button on our Etsy shop. It’s been a great year and I can still remember the excitement of our fist sale! We’ve learnt a lot about party and menu planning in the last year. A lot about icing cakes! And we’ve eaten a lot of cake!

We love the fact that we sell to so many different countries. We love the nice things you say about our products. But most of all we love a good party!

To say thank you for being with us in our first year we’re offering a 20% discount on everything in our Etsy store this birthday week.

Use the coupon code PPITURNS1 when you visit our  Etsy shop.

Party On for another year!

Etsy offers instant download – get Printable Party Ideas files even quicker!

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This is an image of an instant download button.We were thrilled to get the news that Etsy was now offering instant downloads on digital files. I’ve been spending the last week adding the files to our listings and now our inventory is all available via instant download when you purchase from Etsy.

What this means for you is getting your files even quicker than before. While we aimed to always deliver your purchase within 24 hours and we usually managed it a lot sooner than that we would often get sales over night here that we couldn’t process until the morning.

One of the big differences with between Printable Party Ideas and other party stationery providers is that there’s no waiting for designers to edit and add your details. With our editable PDFs you can do it yourself as soon as you get the file – which now is instantly!

So need some last minute party stationery? No problem – visit our Printable Party Ideas Etsy shop for the instant solution.

Shabby Chic Party

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We choose the Shabby Chic theme for my daughters 7th Birthday party because one of her favourite shops to poke around in was a French Antiques store. She could spend hours there looking at their treasures. A lot of people commented that it was quite sophisticated for a 7 year olds birthday party but it was a great success. Because of that this theme will work just as well for an adults birthday party or a wedding or baby shower.

This is a picture of the Shabby Chic Table.


Color Scheme

Blue, Ink, Lilac and Cream.


  • Macaroons
  • Iced sugar cookies
  • Hydrangea cup cakes
  • Dainty sandwiches
  • Shabby Chic Cake


Decoration Ideas

  • Tissue pom poms
  • Ripped fabric strips co-ordinating colors but a nice mix and match of patterns
  • Thrift shop finds such as old books, Grandmas tea cups and any antique vases or jars
  • Birdcages
  • Shabby distressed picture frames
  • Burlap
  • Masson Jars
  • Shabby Chic Birthday Banner
  • Use stamps with vintage designs such as flure de lies, old keys and birdcages. Stamp onto brown craft paper with black ink
  • Crape paper rose topiary

This is an image of Shabby Chic table decorations.



This was a children’s party so the games and activities were geared for younger people. We did a cup-cake icing class. Now of course that depends if you’re a dap hand at this but really the kids just enjoyed giving it a go. They each went home with cup-cakes they’d iced themselves.

Favour Bags and Party Favours

With the Shabby Chic theme you can have lots of fun with this. We used plain brown paper bags and we decorated with Printable Party Ideas Luggage Tags and Circle Labels with the guests name, tied on with some jute twine. You could use calico bags also. Fill the bags with floral themed swaps or transfers, travel sized soaps, moisturisers or shampoos. We found most of these at $2 shops and emporiums. We also sent all the guests home with a pretty home made Shabby Chic head band to wear.

Check out the Shabby Chic Party Photo Gallery

Citrus body scrub recipe

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Body Scrub makes a great activity for a Spa Party or Spa Party Favor

For my daughters Pacific Beauty Spa party I scoured Pinterest for recipes for products we could make as a party activity.The body scrub turned out to be an absolute winner.

This is an image of oranges used in the body scrub recipe.

As soon as I ran out I had to make more for myself and started to adapt the body scrub recipe so now I think it’s even better. It’s become a beauty routine essential, and so easy to make out of basic pantry supplies! This recipe will make enough for a small party favour bottle full for around 10 guests or 3 large Mason Jar size pots for your own personal supply.

You’ll need

  • 4 cups of white sugar
  • One orange
  • Enough neutral vegetable oil (like canola) to cover the sugar
  • Essential oils: Sweet orange, bergamot or patchouli oil work well with orange

This is an image of orange sugar.

Put your sugar into the bowl of a stand mixer and grate the rind of one orange into the bowl with it. Turn the mixer onto low and allow the rind and sugar to blend together for about 5 minutes. This will release the oils in the orange zest and give you a wonderfully fragrant and golden colored sugar.

Transfer the sugar/orange mixer into a bowl and cover with oil so that all the sugar is wet.

Mix in the essential oils of your choice and transfer to clean, air tight jars.

Visit our Etsy shop and add a Printable Party Ideas label as the finishing touch!