Citrus body scrub recipe

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Body Scrub makes a great activity for a Spa Party or Spa Party Favor

For my daughters Pacific Beauty Spa party I scoured Pinterest for recipes for products we could make as a party activity.The body scrub turned out to be an absolute winner.

This is an image of oranges used in the body scrub recipe.

As soon as I ran out I had to make more for myself and started to adapt the body scrub recipe so now I think it’s even better. It’s become a beauty routine essential, and so easy to make out of basic pantry supplies! This recipe will make enough for a small party favour bottle full for around 10 guests or 3 large Mason Jar size pots for your own personal supply.

You’ll need

  • 4 cups of white sugar
  • One orange
  • Enough neutral┬ávegetable oil (like canola) to cover the sugar
  • Essential oils: Sweet orange, bergamot or patchouli oil work well with orange

This is an image of orange sugar.

Put your sugar into the bowl of a stand mixer and grate the rind of one orange into the bowl with it. Turn the mixer onto low and allow the rind and sugar to blend together for about 5 minutes. This will release the oils in the orange zest and give you a wonderfully fragrant and golden colored sugar.

Transfer the sugar/orange mixer into a bowl and cover with oil so that all the sugar is wet.

Mix in the essential oils of your choice and transfer to clean, air tight jars.

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