Spa Party

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My daughter decided on a spa party theme for her 10th birthday. We thought we’d have some fun with the theme and instead of making the activities about pampering – let’s face it 10 year olds generally don’t need any MORE pampering – we’d make it about making the pamper products. Basicly they filled their own favor bags with the goodies they made. It kept them busy and they might have even learnt a bit of science along the way.

Color Scheme

Raspberry, turquoise and chocolate


  • Chocolate cupcakes
  • Macaroons
  • Cakepops
  • Sugar Cookies
  • Milk bottles filled with raspberry-ade
  • Apothecary jars filled with candy
  • Hombre two tiered ruffle cake

Decoration Ideas

Spa Station

We turned our play room into a spa station covering the bed with color co-ordinating duvets and towels to make it calm cozy and spill poof. The favor bags were set up on a little table and the girls could add the favors to them as they made them. Jars and tubs to contain their goodies were lined up on the table. You can find tent cards and labels to complete the look at our Etsy shop.

Activity table

We covered the table with plastic table cloths. I’d been hunting for months before the party and had gathered a collection of color co-ordinating plastic bowls, lip balm containers and little jars.


We set all the activities up before hand so it was all ready to go. Ingredients were pre-measured so all the girls had to do was assemble. Here’s what we made.

Lip balm: You’ll find many recipies on Pinterest or by searching on Google. Here’s the one we used we found it set quite hard and next time I’d probable add a little less bee’s wax.

Body Scrub: Here’s our version

Bath Bombs: These are a great activity as they keep the guest busy for ages and require a bit of team work. Be sure though to make them at the start of the party as they take a couple of hours to set and dry. We used Martha Stewart’s tutorial.

Face Masks: We mixed up a delightfully gooey natural face mask using avocado and egg and the girls took turns to apply the masks to each other in our spa room. Lots of sliced cool cucumbers were also on hand for the eye. Make sure to have lots of spare towels on hand for clean up!

Favour Bags and Party Favours

One of the other goodies the girls went home with was a cute flower head band which the girls used to keep their hair off their faces. Tutorial on how to make these coming soon. So the favor bags contained body scrub, bath bombs, lip balm and headband. We decorated the favor bags with our own spa clip art and luggage tags. Labels for the lip balm and body scrub are also available at our Etsy shop.

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